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Bubble Pipe Theater

Bubble Pipe Theater is a Geek Culture podcast that started on Top Hat Sasquatch and led to the creation of the Bubble Pipe Network. In each episode the hosts discuss the important things in life, like superheroes, talking animals, video games, and their current obsessions. Bubble Pipe Theater is a podcast for kids who never really grew up but like to sit around and pretend to have intelligent conversations.

Episode 16 – The Hunger Games with Amy Kraft

March 29th, 2012

This week hosts Tommy Day, Andrea Lammle, and Rob Lammle are joined by special guest Amy Kraft of Media Macaroni to talk about The Hunger Games movie, the books, and bedazzled ewoks. Listen as we geek out about Suzanne Collin’s novels and the awesome film adaptation, cosplay confessions, our casting ideas for the sequels, and more.

Hunger Games Giveaway

If you listen to the whole show you’ll hear Andrea mention some handmade Hunger Games goodies we’ve got to give away to one lucky listener. Leave a comment here by Wednesday, April 4th at 6pm EST for your chance to win a Mockingjay tote bag, some pin-back buttons, and a poster! Make sure to use a valid email address when you comment so we can get in touch with you if you win.




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  • Hey guys! Love the podcast! I too am pretty obsessed with The Hunger Games series. I only recently became aware of the series and once I got a hold of the books I read them all with in a week and half. I saw the movie and loved it! They did an awesome job of keeping true to the book but one thing I felt a little cheated on was the relationship between Katniss and Peeta. Especially the section where they are hanging out in the cave for a few days. That time in the cave, to me, really sets up the idea that Katniss may be falling for Peeta but she can’t let herself go there because the main thing to focus on obviously is to survive.  They didn’t really show any tenderness between the two of them and her struggling with her emotions towards him. I feel like you need all of that to really understand their struggle when they get back to District 12 and it’s so awkward between them for book two. Hopefully they play some catch up work for the second movie. I’m not looking for another Twilight love triangle (barf) but I do think they needed to highlight it a little more than what they attempted to do.

    And btw….I have not read any of the Harry Potter books and consider myself a huge fan. Don’t feel so alone Rob! haha 

    • Thank you for making me feel a little less like a loser for having not read HP yet 🙂

      • I haven’t read them either, Rob.  Although they just (finally) came out as ebooks so now I don’t have an excuse.

  • karli

    I am TOTALLY OBSESSED with the Hunger Games!!!!! They are the best books and movie ever!!! THis is such a cool giveaway would love to win 😀

  • The contest is now closed, and @facebook-509085744:disqus was the winner.  Thanks for playing and listening!