Bubble Pipe Theater

Bubble Pipe Theater

Bubble Pipe Theater is a Geek Culture podcast that started on Top Hat Sasquatch and led to the creation of the Bubble Pipe Network. In each episode the hosts discuss the important things in life, like superheroes, talking animals, video games, and their current obsessions. Bubble Pipe Theater is a podcast for kids who never really grew up but like to sit around and pretend to have intelligent conversations.

Episode 18 – Disassembling The Avengers

May 24th, 2012

Well, better late than never. The Avengers has been out for 20 days now, and we finally managed to assemble the Bubble Pipe Theater crew so we could geek out for an hour about this amazing comic book movie. Bookended with some delightfully retro Avengers cartoon clips, in this episode Rob, Tim, and Tommy discuss Marvel’s The Avengers, the next phase of Marvel’s cinematic universe, the new Spider-Man movie, and then get Shawarma after.