Bubble Pipe Theater

Bubble Pipe Theater

Bubble Pipe Theater is a Geek Culture podcast that started on Top Hat Sasquatch and led to the creation of the Bubble Pipe Network. In each episode the hosts discuss the important things in life, like superheroes, talking animals, video games, and their current obsessions. Bubble Pipe Theater is a podcast for kids who never really grew up but like to sit around and pretend to have intelligent conversations.

Episode 8 – Terry Border of Bent Objects

November 10th, 2011

Terry Border is the mastermind behind the hit website and book series Bent Objects. He joined us on the podcast to talk about his work, the exciting world of photographing ironing boards, his creative process, sculpting chewing tobacco, the joys of being published, and much more. We’re super excited we got to chat with Terry, and highly recommend you check out his work and buy all the things he has available.




  • Terry Border


  • Lori

    Greeting cards?!? I’m off to Target!

    • Let us know if you have any luck, I’ve been trying to find them at my local Target!