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Handmade Alley

Is Etsy the first place you look to buy a gift? Are you a quick draw with a glue gun? Have you ever knit a cozy for your iPhone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Handmade Alley is, well, right up your alley. On Handmade Alley, show hosts Andrea Lammle and Holly Schroeder bring you the latest news, views, trends and tutorials from the growing indie craft community, as well as special interviews with fellow creatives, to entertain, inform, and inspire you to get your craft on.

Episode 2 – Craft Salad

July 6th, 2012

Are you a crafter hoping to make some crafty friends and expand your social network?

Join Andrea and Holly as they chat about how to put together craft socials and the benefits of collaborating within the crafting community.




  • Great Second episode, ladies! The community in Saint Louis is pretty rad, and I personally love the community building aspects of events like Crafternoon or the Seed Swap. Am I allowed to plug events in the comments? I mean, you did mention the Crafternoon at Fusion (Chesterfield mall, second floor, by Sears) so really, it’s a small leap to say that the next time we’ll be meeting to craft, chew the fat, and see what we’re all up to is on Wednesday July 25th at 6:00. Ha-ha-ha!
    It seems like the biggest comment I get when talking to people about coming is that they need special equipment that’s too big/heavy/expensive to do their craft. Mostly, the event is about community, so a lot of us bring things that need labeling, or small handwork touches…that kind of stuff. Usually I work out ideas in my sketchbook and bring things to get opinions on, since usually I only talk to a 4-year-old, and her opinion is…suspect. 🙂
    Great job, and I look forward to hearing the interview with Autumn!

  • Holly

    You are TOTALLY allowed to plug in the comments. Crafternoons at Fusion are fab. 🙂 Thanks for listening!