Bubble Pipe Theater

April 17th, 2012

Episode 17 – The Super Mario Super Show with Jeff Ryan

Previously on Bubble Pipe Theater Tommy mentioned reading the book Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America by Jeff Ryan, and Jeff was kind enough to sit in on the show and talk about his experience writing the book. Rob, Tommy, and Jeff discuss the Good (Super Mario 3), the Bad (the Super Mario Bros. Movie), […]

Bubble Pipe Theater

October 6th, 2011

Episode 5 – The Netflix Comedy Hour

In this limited edition, extra-long episode of Bubble Pipe Theater secretly spliced together from two separate recording sessions, Tim, Rob, and Tommy talk about the Netflix streaming/DVD split, the PS3 game from Studio Ghibli, Adventure Time toys, Nintendo, Bad and Good Batman news, Scott Pilgrim, and Rob’s experiments playing Dungeons and Dragons on Google+.

Bubble Pipe Theater

September 16th, 2011

Episode 4 – Where’s My Jetpack?

This time around on Bubble Pipe Theater, Rob, Tim, and Tommy discuss the NikeMag Back For the Future benefit auctions (read: pricey sneakers), the Star Wars Blu-rays (again), fictional technology we’d like to see in real life, the Walt Disney Family Museum, arcade nostalgia, Wii hacking, our current obsessions, and more.