Watching The List

Watching The List

Come along as Rob Lammle highlights some of the more fascinating films that he encounters on his journey through all 575 films on the National Film Registry. Packed with fun and interesting bits of trivia, including behind the scenes anecdotes and the occasional analysis from film historians and fans, the Watching The List podcast is like the DVD special features for America’s cinematic landscape.

Episode 0

March 14th, 2012

In this introductory podcast, Rob will tell you more about the show and the website for Watching The List, as well as give you a sneak peek at the topic for his first official episode, coming soon from Bubble Pipe Network.




  • Brad


    I’ve been a fan of Bubble Pipe Theater from the beginning, but you’re going to run into trouble if you identify each podcast from whatever show as “ep0,” “ep12,” or whatever. The potential for conflict is just too great.

    If it’s not too presumptuous, might I suggest something like WTL01? It’s very provoking when I have to scroll an episode title before I get to the number, especially when working my mp3 player one-handed while driving.

    That said, good luck!

    • Watching The List

      Thanks for your suggestion, Brad!  We’re still working out the kinks on this new venture, and that’s exactly the kind of feedback we need from listeners.  We’ll definitely figure out some kind of unique naming convention for our show episodes.  Very much appreciated.  And thanks for listening, too!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Brad!