When You Hear This Sound

When You Hear This Sound

When You Hear This Sound will take you back to a pre-VHS era of home entertainment as your host Rob Lammle digs into his personal collection of read along record books and stories on vinyl. With thrilling adventures adapted from blockbuster movies, hit TV shows, hilarious cartoons, and iconic comic book superheroes, the show will be retro fun for everyone.

Episode 2 – Gremlins

June 26th, 2013

Everyone knew the rules:

  1. Keep them away from bright lights
  2. Don’t get them wet
  3. And never, ever feed them after midnight

Gremlins was a touchstone film for many people who grew up in the 1980s. Therefore it should come as no surprise that a read along record book was produced so kids could relive the nightmare at home. Come along as we explore a little bit of history behind one of the premiere record book production companies, as well as listen to the exciting story of Billy, Kate, and Gizmo as they take on the fearsome green nasties, the Gremlins.




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  • The Sexy Armpit

    Another awesome episode. The V/O guy on this one is INCREDIBLE. I envy his command. Plus, as you stated, this production was such a higher quality than some of the others from that time. I couldn’t really hear that echo you were referring to though.

    • SpaceMonkeyX

      Yeah, Buena Vista was pretty consistently good. I haven’t collected their entire discography, but what I have so far is a lot better than some of the other companies out there.

      I’m glad the echo wasn’t too distracting. This is the only album I’ve encountered that has this problem on the recording, so hopefully it’s a one-time thing.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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